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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


More Yellowstone on the way. Sorry the library closed a lot earlier than expected!!

Yellowstone National Park, the worlds first nationally protected area (or so they advertise) with more than 2 million acres of wildlands, surrounded by wildlife refuges, national parks, and protected lands. This is the good stuff, where a 30x40 mile wide super volcano erupted 600,000 years ago, as evidenced by a massive basin and continuous geothermal activity occurring in the forms of geysers, hotsprings, fumaroles and mudpots. A person can easily spend more than a week here, as there’s a lodge and campgrounds throughout, and more than enough angry bison blocking the walkways for disillusioned tourists and their angry families to go around. Wolves howling at night kept us company in the frigid air, and Uncle Tom’s 800 ft. trail dropped us in the middle of the most photographed ridge of the Park. Our legs are still killing us from that descent. Those pesky ground squirrels (which awfully close to chipmunks for me to question their breeding habits) have tried to take over the mighty Starcraft, watching us watch the X-Files on our laptops, but were chased out with gnashing teeth and muttered curses. No bears have been seen, but scat and tree markings were everywhere. These photos were taken by the lovely Melissa Williams, and the geysers and springs have not been airbrushed in any way.

We’re in Montana currently, hammocking it up and heading to Glacier National Park, and not resting until Washington State! Peace to you and yours!

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