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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wyoming, Rockies, and Tetons

Wyoming came next, where in this region we have stayed the longest thus far. The Devil’s Tower, known by the natives as the Bear’s Tipi, was formed by immense pressure, squeezing hexagonally shaped columns of rock upwards. We observed rock climbers and mean spirited tourists with their petty wives and illiterate children everywhere, making this a fine destination for anyone with a sense of humor and love of geology. By the way, Wyoming gets dusty, hot, and full of sage if you plan on driving inside a stuffy van with allergies and cramped conditions, so bring a power inverter, fan, and plenty of water and books. We also stayed near Caspar, where Melissa’s older-younger brother Josh was born. We traveled to her parents’ old house and saw the Dark Knight for the 2nd time. Fun times two!

For my birthday, we headed into Colorado. What a beautiful area this is, with Rocky Mountain National Park the site to spot a 14’er (a fourteen thousand foot peak, or a name of a nice little deli in Estes Park). We went Kayaking at Grand Lake, a kickass little town just outside of the park, with harbourside playing of classic movies (the original Batman from the 60’s!) and the most treasured device Western Civilization has graced this strange world with: The Simpsons Pinball Machine. What a terrific birthday.


We headed back into Wyoming, into Teton Village, to witness the Melvins and Big Business bring a lot of noise, rock, roll, art, and a combination of the four in wicked helpings. All for ten dollars! We brought earplugs, playing cards, and bad attitudes, and were selflessly rewarded a good time.

Onwards! Into Teton National Park, with a gorgeous Mountain filled skyline, antelope, and quick ride through, into Yellowstone!

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