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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fall in the Creek Falls

After leaving the incredible Mammoth caves, we drove back into Tennessee and stayed the night with my (Melissa) cousin's in Crossville. I got to see my cousin Amanda's beautiful baby boy, Hunter, for the very first time. We relaxed by the private lake that they live on and cooked some hamburgers. We enjoy several tours around the lake on a pontoon boat before settling in for the night. When we woke in the morning my cousin Stephanie and Joe were nice enough to take us to see Fall Creek Falls State Park before we left. Wow! We were blown away by the swift waters that have ever so meticulously carved out huge valleys into the limestone. We got to see three falls. The first was short and stout. Water rushed over many rocks in every direction before pooling at the bottom. The secound waterfall was tall and skinny. It's claim to fame comes from being the fall Mowglie jumps off of in the non-animated The Jungle Book. It was impressive, especially with it rainbow at the bottom, however it was not the most impressive waterfall in the park. Maybe it was my lack of respect for its magnitude that made me lose my footing on some rocks and nearly take my camera for a swim. However the camera survived and I got a well needed bath. It was the last waterfall that took my breath. As we walked towards the overlook, you could begin to hear the rush of water before it even came into sight. Then there it was, the Tennessee that I always dreamed was out there. We were looking out over a huge valley. To the right, was a giant u-shaped limestone wall smoothed by the great river that once leaped down it. The water pressure had shrunk to a single stream, but if you closed your eyes you could see exactly how the valley was formed. A valley dense with lush green trees and the occasional jagged limestone cliff that the river generously left behind for contrast. Other than the rush of water the valley was silent, and one could not help but be silenced as well. James and I could have sat there in silence all day simply soaking in the beauty.

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