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Monday, June 2, 2008

6/01/2008_8:25PM EST


After a tearful bout of farewells from the family and loved ones, Melissa and I have navigated successfully though the concrete overpasses and various burnt orange groves. We are now coasting peacefully along Interstate A1A, 30 feet from the coast of the Atlantic crushing the powdered sand into finer particles of powder, sea crashing into itself and sky. Cool breezes drift into the open windows of our mighty Starcraft, and the road before us trembles under the awesome might of our ideals and ambitions!
Possible reflections on a life of relative ease and luxury thus far have not yet surfaced, however, the outlook for such indulgences of the self are sure to loom all dark and gray like. Ideas such as, “Have I been here before?” or “Surely this calm is ephemeral!” are making both their rounds and presences known. The smell of wood smoke is heavy, the smiles are surfacing, and the sun is sliding down the horizon line with a burnt lava trail of orange and neon amber.
Saint Augustine is our destination for sleep tonight, inside of the warm beds and showers of a good friends house. This is of course due to Mistress Fortuna's hand, however, the dollar loaf of bread earlier foretold of might have swayed the opinions of these travelers. Now we just need to find out where this blasted house is. Where this bread can be found will be a nice bit of trivia to learn as well...yes, I'm thinking it will.
Let's see...inventory time, yes? We have: A 1993 GMC VanDura (Starcraft Model!), a bed frame made by the ever humble and giving Joshua Williams, a full-size mattress, shelves with books (lots of books), several types of plastic totes (with books, more books, clothing, and essential linens), canned and non-perishable food-like-stuff, a MicroKorg Synthesizer (Ambient Distractions!) with 10 Watt Roland Cube Amplifier (thanks to Djorn!), two laptop computers (!), a bevy of cameras, and a gigantic safe to keep it all in! Also, a portable DVD player (miniature), a 400 Watt Power Inverter (plugged in as I write this), two deep cycle batteries thanks to Steve the Mechanic down at Complete Auto Service down in Deerfield Beach (954-942-2400), more clothes, a fridge/ cooler for the essential doughnuts, juice, and whatevers, a Coleman 2-range propane burner and a separate burner for camping. Thanks to Josh, again, we also have a two person Kayak to gratefully lug around, which is is tied down to a storage carrier given to us by Josh and his girlfriend Anja! Fear not, a spare tire is tied down to the roof as well. A three person tent, a GPS, sleeping bags, winter clothes, canopy, the list goes on. A new skateboard deck from my cousins Clem and Loretta in Athens, Georgia (FERAL Skateboards, nice deck, good pop, smooth graphics!) have finally replaced my 5 year old deck! A razor sharp machete and 4.5 pound hammer rounds the list off fairly well, agreed?
Wait....we just passed over a bridge, spanning the gap of land and coast and inlet, sidling back onto the mainland with nary a glance backwards. This is the first day...

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